Late June Update

Strife is almost fully edited, but the cover is still nowhere near done.

I am nevertheless confident that I will make the July 14th release. The only complication the cover thing might produce is me being a few weeks late with paperbacks. We’ll see.

Azure Flame part 2 is done and I am progressing through Azure Flame part 3. Non-linear stories are not exactly easy to write, but they are quite fun. For now, I like the way it’s turning out. When I finish that, I will proceed to the final Nameless book, and then (somewhere around the end of the year) I will make a fourth (and also probably final) Azure Flame installment.

As for other stuff, my mind is overflowing with ideas. I write them all down without exception. When these two projects/series are done, I will have a whole lot of raw material to work with. I am very, very excited about a lot of these.

This summer will be a nice one.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Witty Title #573

Just chiming in to let everyone know I’m still alive. Strife is still being worked on, and I’m kind of too caught up in the physical world to work faster on the next Azure Flame. I will fix that ASAP.

June will be an Azure Flame month for me, and I will try to finish not one but TWO installments before July. After that, it’s back to the Nameless Chronicle for me.

Other than that, there isn’t much to tell. Things are rolling forward, and that’s nice.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

May ’17. Status Report

Hey, all. Thought I’d step out of the cave and share what’s new.

First off (and most importantly), Strife is still being edited. The cover is progressing along nicely as well. Seems like an early July release is most probable.

Second, I have mostly plotted out the next book. For now it is called Bedlam, and will likely conclude the series. At least in this form. Weren’t there supposed to be six or seven books? you ask, and the question is valid. I did plan for the story to span more books… back when I wrote an 87 page novella. The sequels to Risen were supposed to be be incrementally longer, but instead I started writing full-length novels. Characters and plotlines planned for further down the road have appeared much earlier, and a choice needed to be made:  stretch the story out, or write less books but with more content. For me, the answer was clear.

Third, the first draft of the next Azure Flame thing is nearing completion. For now I plan on making four of these interactive books. Each will have a different approach, structure, and theme. For instance, while the first one was essentially a mystery, the second will be more action-packed and interactive. Because it will be less linear, a single playthrough is likely to be shorter. The third one will be something else entirely, but more on that later.

Fourth, I am making paperbacks as promised. Unless Createspace keeps messing up color-matching on covers, you can expect physical copies for all my books within a week or so of the Strife release.

That’s it. Back to the cave.
M. T. Miller

Strife First Draft – Done!

As the title says, the initial draft of Strife is complete. For now, it stands at about 114k words. I will soon start re-reading it, and after that is done, the editing process can fully commence.

I had hoped to have the whole work done and published by early June, but some scheduling conflicts have made it far more likely to be released during early July. We’ll see.

While Strife is being edited, I will start working on the sequel to Azure Flame: Dawn. So there’s plenty of stuff for me to do. Hopefully it’ll end up being worth it.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Moving Like The Lightning… At Least For Now

As of this moment, Strife is at 90k words. Didn’t expect it to go this fast. The plot has now reached full-speed-ahead mode, and (for now at least) I am keeping up. We’ll see for how long I’ll be able to keep driving with no brakes.

That’s about it. Just felt like bragging. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Strife Update, Ascent KCD

I’m dead tired, so I’ll make this quick.

Strife has broken 80k words and is slowly entering its endgame events. This is giving me more momentum to push in my writing, but the sheer size of the upcoming chapters will probably mean it will take longer to finish. One never knows until it’s done.

Ascent will have another Kindle Countdown week, starting on April the 13th. This time, I haven’t messed up in setting it up for UK stores as well.

Also, those of you who have enjoyed Azure Flame: Dawn will be glad to know that I am already working on some basic plot structure for the sequel. I will probably get to working on that after Strife is done.

All in all, drowning in work. But that’s okay. Work is better than no work.

M. T. Miller

Azure Flame: Dawn

In collaboration with a young game development team, I’ve written a little piece of interactive fiction. Android users, you can find it here.

It is a work of dark fantasy, offering multiple endings that unveil pieces of a greater puzzle. For my first dabble in the genre, I am more than proud. Those of you who end up liking it can expect more in the future.

As for other news, Strife is at 60k words, and I think it’s going strong. But we’ll see what the end result will be like.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller