Ascent Giveaway Incoming!

Ascent is due in about two weeks!

This is good news, but there is more!

For the first two days after release, Ascent will be temporarily priced at $0.99. During that time, Risen will be free to download, so everyone will be able to get both books at barely any cost.

For those of you who would like a chance to get Ascent free as well, there will be another way. The first twenty (perhaps more) people who subscribe to my mailing list (conveniently located here: will receive Ascent completely free of charge on the day of release. I will gift it to them via Amazon.

Why? Because I like people to read me, that’s why.

I’d like to say more, but time is precious, mine and yours.

All the best, my friends.

M. T. Miller

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