Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Jeanette Vampire Bloodlines Malkavian Crazy Game Sexy Hot Asylum

Insanely sexy. Or sexily insane.

I love Bloodlines.

There is no other way to phrase this. This game is the love of my life.

If I could somehow father children with Bloodlines, I’d make five. And I can’t stand kids.

There comes a time every year or two… someone else would call it reinstalling. I call it a honeymoon. I don’t give these events numbers. Our love is forever.

The next honeymoon is near. I can tell. The quotes, beats, and scenes from this immaculately written and directed game keep springing out of my subconscious whenever I let my attention slip. It’s been too long. Bloodlines wants me.

And who am I to disappoint her? Why would I even want to? She has given me some of the best moments of my youth. Jeanette, Jack, Velvet, Beckett… these are old friends I’m talking about. Friendships should be nurtured.

Despite my passion for her, however, Bloodlines is a game. And I like to think that games are valued for two kinds of components: the hard and the soft parts. It’s not breaking new ground to say that the hard parts of Bloodlines (i. e. the gameplay) are lackluster.

But this is okay. To love is to love the imperfections.

And I love Bloodlines to (un)death.

M. T. Miller


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