The Philosophy Of “Fuck It”

In the words of a good friend of mine:

“God says ‘relax.’ The devil says ‘fuck it.'”

I don’t believe in God nor the devil. I don’t think there is a will or reason behind anything at all. Everything is chaos, I think. What happens is merely the result of an infinite number of conflicting forces. The one that overpowers the opposition gets to make its mark. The rest cease to exist.

But let’s think of Satan for a moment. In the story, he challenged the creator of the whole universe. The one who made both him and everything else. He gave up being what he was, and for what? Because fuck it.

I don’t admire the devil. If he existed he’d be an utter douchebag. But I have genuine respect for the courage it takes to give the finger to the maker. It cost Satan everything he had, and sentenced him to the pit. And if given the choice, I bet he’d do it all over again.

“Fuck that guy,” I can imagine him say.

But the devil is an imaginary character, and most real people aren’t like that. The determination needed for flipping someone off for good isn’t easy to come by, and tends to weaken if not funneled properly. We are creatures of habit and nostalgia, and drastic steps don’t come easily. When given the choice between acceptance and defiance, acceptance is often picked first.

And why wouldn’t it be? Accepting something usually means minimizing costs. Minimizing damage. Choosing compromise to save oneself discomfort. When getting backed against a wall, surrender seems like a better option than bashing the bricks out with one’s face.

Well, I say “fuck acceptance.”

I refuse to be enslaved. I refuse to compromise with things I consider absolutely and completely wrong. I refuse to nod my head and show proper respect when I am given none whatsoever. This attitude is difficult to maintain and requires constant reinforcement, but it is 100% right and proper.

Existence is so full of complete and utter shit that we’ve gotten used to the smell. We live in it, walk in it, eat it, and when the time comes to clean up we even bathe in it. Everything sucks, now and forever. And just when you start to think that a particular thing isn’t a turd, it turns out to be an even worse one. Only you were so used to the smell that you didn’t notice in time.

But this is the way of things. One can’t boycott shit in a world of shit. What one can do, however, is boycott the unnecessary shit. That is doable, if not easy.

Fuck it.
M. T. Miller


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