Lagging Behind

Hi, everyone.

Apologies for taking so long to update. Real life has swamped me, and what little time I’ve had to spare, I’ve spent writing. Not that I’ve made that much progress, but I do genuinely like the material I’ve produced thus far.

What I’m working on is, of course, Strife: Third Book of the Nameless Chronicle. Meant to be the climax of everything I’ve written thus far, Strife has a huge task in front of itself. I am doing my best to not only reproduce the quality of Ascent, but raise the bar higher and leap over it successfully. Whether or not I’ll be able to do it, time will tell.

This doesn’t mean that Strife will end the series, though. I’ve originally had a total of seven books planned, and I do plan on telling the whole story without cutting anything out. However, the individual books have gotten so big and complex that I’ve ended up fusing some story arcs together. Right now, the Nameless Chronicle is meant to run for a total of five major books. There might be some more spinoffs, though. Like the one I did about Rush.

I’m still sticking to my previous plans for a June release, although who knows. If I have myself a good month or two, I might finish it sooner. Then again, it is possible that I’ll just take my time and iron it out more.

This is a long while, I know. I’d like to be able to write it faster, but life simply doesn’t allow it at this point.

Thank you for your time. Stay strong.
M. T. Miller

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