Storyline Evolution

My story is changing. It is still fundamentally the same thing, but, just like its writer, it keeps shifting to adapt to foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. For now, I like what I see. Time will tell how it will all play out in the end.

Strife is moving forward, yes, and it is also devouring pieces from the planned fourth book. Plot lines and characters I have planned to introduce much farther down the line are already making their respective appearances. I think I like this. It makes for a more dynamic story. The downside of this is likely to come into play when the time comes to write the actual fourth book. It might cannibalize parts of book five.

We shall see what comes of it. For now, I’m making the best book I can. I plan on doing the same with everything I write.

That’s more or less it. The frequency of my future posts here will most likely remain irregular for the time being.

All the best, my friends.
M. T. Miller

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