I’ve been away, yeah.

Life is (ironically) sucking the life out of me. The hours I can put into working on Strife are by far the most enjoyable parts of my day. It is now just a bit over 50k words long, and I will probably double that number by the time it’s done. Still aiming for a June release, but time will tell if I’ll manage to hit that mark.

Quality-wise, my goal is to top Ascent. Or at least match it. So far, that part of the plan is coming along nicely.

On to another issue. Those of you who have bought Risen paperbacks are probably surprised with Ascent or A Strange Chemistry not being available in that format. Yeah, sorry about that. Thing is, making a paperback cover is tedious work that demands several reprints and tests to make sure the colors on the print book match those on the eBook. I’ve barely done a decent job with Risen in that regard.

I will of course do the same with all my other books, but for now I simply don’t have the time or money to spare for that. Once I publish Strife though, I will put my mind to the task. Paperbacks of all my books should become available a couple months after it comes out.

That’s about it. Back to the grind. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

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