Moving Like The Lightning… At Least For Now

As of this moment, Strife is at 90k words. Didn’t expect it to go this fast. The plot has now reached full-speed-ahead mode, and (for now at least) I am keeping up. We’ll see for how long I’ll be able to keep driving with no brakes.

That’s about it. Just felt like bragging. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller


Strife Update, Ascent KCD

I’m dead tired, so I’ll make this quick.

Strife has broken 80k words and is slowly entering its endgame events. This is giving me more momentum to push in my writing, but the sheer size of the upcoming chapters will probably mean it will take longer to finish. One never knows until it’s done.

Ascent will have another Kindle Countdown week, starting on April the 13th. This time, I haven’t messed up in setting it up for UK stores as well.

Also, those of you who have enjoyed Azure Flame: Dawn will be glad to know that I am already working on some basic plot structure for the sequel. I will probably get to working on that after Strife is done.

All in all, drowning in work. But that’s okay. Work is better than no work.

M. T. Miller