May ’17. Status Report

Hey, all. Thought I’d step out of the cave and share what’s new.

First off (and most importantly), Strife is still being edited. The cover is progressing along nicely as well. Seems like an early July release is most probable.

Second, I have mostly plotted out the next book. For now it is called Bedlam, and will likely conclude the series. At least in this form. Weren’t there supposed to be six or seven books? you ask, and the question is valid. I did plan for the story to span more books… back when I wrote an 87 page novella. The sequels to Risen were supposed to be be incrementally longer, but instead I started writing full-length novels. Characters and plotlines planned for further down the road have appeared much earlier, and a choice needed to be made:  stretch the story out, or write less books but with more content. For me, the answer was clear.

Third, the first draft of the next Azure Flame thing is nearing completion. For now I plan on making four of these interactive books. Each will have a different approach, structure, and theme. For instance, while the first one was essentially a mystery, the second will be more action-packed and interactive. Because it will be less linear, a single playthrough is likely to be shorter. The third one will be something else entirely, but more on that later.

Fourth, I am making paperbacks as promised. Unless Createspace keeps messing up color-matching on covers, you can expect physical copies for all my books within a week or so of the Strife release.

That’s it. Back to the cave.
M. T. Miller


Strife First Draft – Done!

As the title says, the initial draft of Strife is complete. For now, it stands at about 114k words. I will soon start re-reading it, and after that is done, the editing process can fully commence.

I had hoped to have the whole work done and published by early June, but some scheduling conflicts have made it far more likely to be released during early July. We’ll see.

While Strife is being edited, I will start working on the sequel to Azure Flame: Dawn. So there’s plenty of stuff for me to do. Hopefully it’ll end up being worth it.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller