Paperbacks En Route!

I’ve just ordered the first batch of proof paperbacks, including a (slightly) revised version of Risen. Hopefully the covers will come out alright and won’t require too much tweaking.

Also, the Strife cover has been touched up a bit. I’m pretty pleased with the way it is now.

That’s that for now. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Strife Is Live!

You can find it here.

The cover might get some tweaking in time but that’s it for now. I hope you all enjoy it.

Paperbacks for all books should become available within weeks..

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Fan Art

Nothing new to report on Strife. The whole process is still ongoing. Nothing I can do to speed it up.

On a more positive note, the amazing SadicStar has graced me with two lovely pieces of Chastity fan art.



I love these. Wish there were more.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A good one is worth more. So let’s say this is a 2000+ word post and call it a day.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller