Paperback Issues

Seems that the paperbacks have either been lost in transit or severely delayed. I am working on fixing this.

Otherwise all is well, but too much social life has messed with my productivity. Yet another thing I need to fix.

I’ve started working on Bedlam, but only at a snail’s pace. Maybe I’ll be able to speed it up, maybe not. I’ve only got one shot at ending this series. Might as well make it count. More on that at some other time.

I’m still undecided on what I will tackle after the Nameless Chronicle. I’m considering Fantasy, SF, even Steampunk. Ideas and characters are swirling in my head, and while I like most of them, only some are likely to ever see the light of day.

What to keep and what to cut away? Decisions, decisions.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

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