Bedlam Update and Future Plans

Even though I’m struggling to re-impose my usual spartan discipline, Bedlam is still moving forward. 50k by this point. I’ve cleared up large chunks of my schedule, so I’ll be able to pick up even more speed in the upcoming days.

Barring any major distortions, I hope to have the initial draft done within a week. Maybe ten days or so.

In other news, I am seriously considering restructuring the series. Nothing major, I would just have Ascent swallow up Risen, which would then become the first whole of this new, composite First Book of the Nameless Chronicle. There’s a simple and rational reason for this: novellas are difficult to promote. So I’ve been purposely gimping myself this whole time. I will think about it after the series is done.

I’ve been getting questions about the lack of rants in my recent posts. This is intentional. Any insanity I produce is better used in my books. Unless I really feel like spewing something major, I will try to keep it civil.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

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