So instead of having a productive and fun week, I’m having a nightmare made real.

Some kind of cat virus has hit the neighborhood, and I’m forced to care for my pets basically around the clock. One has died, others are on the ropes, and I’m hardly getting any sleep. I’m both exhausted and on edge, which doesn’t do wonders for my ability to do stuff when I’m actually free.

I’ve barely read half of Republic of Thieves, but I nevertheless love it for now. I want to bludgeon Sabetha with a crowbar, but that was more or less expected. Aside from her, the rest of the book is great stuff.

I’ve bought Transistor during Steam’s Halloween sale. I hope to finally play it soon. That music, man.

Nothing more to say. I hope to see as little death in the following days as possible.

M. T. Miller.


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