Fun. For a Change

I’ve been immersing myself in amusing content (and content that was just meant to be amusing) for several days now. I have missed this. I almost forgot what it was like.

First off, I’ve finally seen Valerian. I think we have a clear winner for the title of “worst film of the year.” Other than the visuals, I cannot say a single good thing about this drivel. The two main actors sure are pretty, but can’t act to save their lives. It might not matter, though, because the characters they portray are obnoxious anyway. I can’t remember a single good joke, and there are a lot of jokes. The main guy is so deadly that the film has zero tension. No one poses a remote threat. Overall a complete waste of time.

Next, I’m slowly approaching the final parts of Republic of Thieves. Still an explosion of fun and wit. I don’t hate Sabetha anymore. Now I despise her. If I feel like it, I might dissect her character after I’m done with the book. Or I might not.

To my great shame, I have temporarily ditched Overwatch and am playing League of Legends again. I blame Kayn and his hilarious edginess (Rhaast: “There is fear in your grip, and doubt in your heart!” Kayn: “I have no heart.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Revamping the runes and putting in all this crazy stuff seems to have been a great decision. No one knows what they’re doing anymore. Chaos everywhere! Surprise, surprise, the game is fresh and fun again.

Bedlam is still set for release on December the 1st. Yes, I appropriately release my book on AIDS day.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller


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