Sort Of Back To Writing

I’m working on the final Azure Flame thing. I’m not pushing for speed, just moving from milestone to milestone while relaxing in the meantime. Once it is done, I’m done with interactive stuff for a while.

As for other things, I’m reading Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson. It is a huge work in more ways than one. More on that later if I have the time. Or the passion/rage (for me it’s pretty much the same thing).

I’ve finished Transistor, and it is magnificent. As with Bastion, Supergiant Games made me tear up at the end. Minimalism and style at their finest. Bravo.

I’ve seen the Justice League movie. I don’t see where all the hate comes from. It is easily the best thing DC has put on screen yet. Those angry at its dark tone need to grow up.

That’s it for now. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller


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