Humanity Has Failed

I generally have a massive boner for the human race. What it represents. How we made this planet our bitch, and how we keep on making it our bitch. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. Satan has nothing on us.

But when we falter, we falter massively. Where are the cyborgs? Where are the clones? Where are the killbots, the radioactive mutants, and the godzillas? I’m getting bored here!

Jokes aside, the tech is stagnating and the people keep getting stupider. Doing as little as visiting social media becomes an exercise in cringe. Gathering data in order to maximize the effect of trolling used to be an art. Now all you need to do is voice your opinion and someone will be outraged.

Feels are the new reals. And the extent people go to in order to protect the idea that their feels matter grosses me out to no end. We have spines for a reason. I don’t see why we shouldn’t have them metaphorically as well. Oh, something makes you feel bad? Congrats, you are literally the only person who cares about that.

If I were God, I’d pull the plug this instant. Terminate the experiment. End this misery. “You had your chance,” I’d say.

But there is no God, no karma, no nothing. If any kind of higher power existed, it’d mean that the universe somehow cares. About you. About me. And we all know that isn’t true.

As things stand, approximately six million years of evolution can be summed up in one picture:


Positively brutal.
M. T. Miller


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