Happy New Year + Updates

2017. was kind to me. After a string of progressively worse years, it was more than welcome. I have worked hard. I have found what I was missing. I have finally, after decades of stumbling, learned what kind of man I am.

I’ve also started to see success with my writing, which is amazing. To be able to live off my thoughts put on (digital or actual) paper, to stick it to the man and reject the chains that society keeps trying to force on me; that is what I see as ultimate success. The individual above the corporate. Victory.

But enough power-mad ramblings. Good year. Hoping for an even better 2018. Before that, some news:

The whole Azure Flame interactive fiction thing is now officially in limbo. I have no idea when part 3 will get released, so I’ve put off working on part 4 until I know more. Sucks, but that’s how it is. When I get the chance, I will finish it. For now, deep freeze.

I’m still plotting out my next book. Think of it as dark fantasy set in a fictional version of the 17th/18th century. Opulence and dirt. Sabers and muskets. Horrors lurking in the dark, and the people who keep them at bay. Overall brutality.

I’m still technically on vacation, so I’m not pushing hard yet. I hope to start getting serious again by the end of January.

Happy new year, everyone!
M. T. Miller

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