Infinity War is Excellent

It is also a true return to form for Marvel movies, which have, for the last couple years or so, been little more than drivel.

Take the last four. Guardians Vol. 2. Spooderman. Thor: the 80s. Generic, derivative schlock. I think Black Panther might be the best out of the bunch, and that’s only due to it taking itself a bit more seriously. Still, it remains your average, forgettable action film.

I honestly didn’t think I’d end up praising Infinity War. This movie is not only dark as fuck, but it also deals out a whole lot of death! Yes! Yes!! YES!!! How many times can stakes get higher with everyone returning home safely, before it all becomes a pandering mockery? “Up until this point,” it turns out. Sure, they may end up reversing a lot of this, but for now I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Other than the quantity of sweet death, I won’t spoil anything else. Everyone gets something to do, and it’s honestly impressive to see it all come together.

I enjoyed the mainstays most. Iron man, Cap, Thor, they dragged us into this universe, and they carry most of this film. I despised Spidey and nearly the whole Guardians crew (with the exception of Gamora and Nebula), with Star-Lord being nearly unbearable. Dr. Strange is an example of a newcomer doing a great job, while Hulk/Banner is an example of an oldtimer doing an especially cringy job. The rest were mostly adequate, but as said before, everyone got a slice of the cake.

Oh yeah, we’ve got an actual interesting villain for a change. I never liked Thanos in the comic books, but here he somehow manages to be both threatening and interesting. Great job.

See it. The more successful this film is, the more actual good films Marvel/Disney is going to make. Vote with your wallet and discourage infantile, derivative crap.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller


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