Time to Revise

Quick update time.

My next manuscript is at about 65k words. Much more to go. Now I need to go back, re-read it, and make tweaks before I go any further in. While I would have liked to push it to the limit on my first run, I must remind myself that I am not pressed for time here. I am making something new, and it must be as good as possible so it can attract people who wouldn’t have liked the Nameless Chronicle.

So for the next few weeks, maybe a month, I will re-familiarize myself with my notes, my plans, and what I’ve done by this point. I will iron out the unfinished manuscript, accentuate any important points I may have missed, and make certain that it is as solid as it can be. And after all that is done, I will be ready to sprint toward the finish line.

That’s about it for now.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

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2 comments on “Time to Revise

  1. Victoria Camp says:

    I read Risen. I loved it. It reminded me some of Michael Moorcock. I left a review and can’t wait to read the rest of the Chronicle. Thanks.

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