An Update of Sorts

Hello, friends.

I did want to wait until I at least had the initial draft, but so much time had passed since my last post that I concluded it was time for another.

My next book currently sits at about 95k words. I think I am getting close to the endgame, but one can never be certain. All in all, I currently expect this initial draft to end up at about 120k, but this doesn’t mean much. After revising, giving it to beta readers and implementing another round of changes, then doing the same with my editor, I have no idea how long it will end up being.

All I can do is follow my outline, listen to criticism, and not be lazy. As I’ve said before, I aim for this book to be my best yet.

If I manage my time and energy correctly, I expect to have the manuscript done by the initial half of September. After that I will tinker with it, and implement some changes and details I’ve come up with during the writing itself. I am considering adding something else to the work, but that idea will for now have to wait.

Until then, stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

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