Actual News for Once

It lives! It being me in this case.

Hey, all. Finally done with the beta draft of my next work. It’s being distributed to the initial readers as I’m typing this.

If everything goes well, I should have it ready for editing in about a month. Yes, I won’t have a release this year. And yeah, it sucks.


I’m already getting busy with making preliminary notes for the next book in that series. If I don’t score it big with a publisher (as I likely won’t), you will most likely be able to expect both books to be out by mid 2019. If I do luck out, then they’ll likely be out much later, but I’d be able to transition into writing full time, meaning I’d be able to produce work much, much faster.

So there’s that.

Now I’m off to put my brain on ice, because when said ice melts, it’ll be time for another sprint.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

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