Book News – Name and Some Setting Details

Alright. This will be kind of touchy.

So my upcoming book will (surprisingly) be the first in a new series. The series will be called The Culling, while the book’s work title is Brotherhood of the Worm. Both may be changed with time, though for the moment I see no reason to do so.

The Culling takes place in a fictionalized version of 18th century Europe, where various kinds of monsters roam free, and the eponymous organization employs mercenary-like hunters to deal with them. What I essentially plan is to have a bunch of mostly stand-alone novels, all centering around a single hunter, which will slowly reveal more about the world and keep moving the metaplot forward. For now I’m not set about the number of books, but the more successful I am with selling it, the more I will be willing to expand. As always, the keypoints and ending have been planed in advance.

Like I said, the setting was crafted to resemble the Enlightenment period, but the introduction of threatening inhuman creatures had altered the world’s history so radically that it only resembles ours. The calendar is different. Religion is different. The countries, despite being made to evoke existing ones at that point in history, are different. And then we have the Culling organization; a superpower in their own right, playing the dangerous game of balancing effectiveness with political neutrality.

I will start the series by focusing on a single country: Teutonia, an equivalent of Prussia or Austria. Brotherhood of the Worm takes place solely on Teutonia’s soil, and the majority of characters have German-sounding names. Foreigners do appear, but most of them are hunters. The Culling may not care about one’s background, but the same cannot be said about sovereign nations.

As for the monsters themselves, I will only reveal what is currently known in the first book: nothing. No one knows what they are, why they are impossible to fully exterminate, or what makes them so inherently hostile to other forms of life. They come in all shapes and sizes: humanoids, beast-like creatures, parasites, humongous monstrosities (think dragons, the Tarrasque, etc.), and even things like ghosts, though the last one would be significantly difficult to explain. Most are animalistic. Some are intelligent. All are very alien, and human-monster communication almost never happens, though it is unknown if that is due to their inability to communicate or through conscious intent.

Aaaaand I’ve kind of reached the point where I should stop. Given that I structure each book so that the reader keeps learning more and more as they go along, I don’t think spilling more about the world would be the way to go. For that knowledge, one would have to actually sit back and read.

Until the next time, when I plan on saying a few very, very vague words about my main character, and why he is likely to be a divisive figure. Assuming that anyone ever reads the book. Heh.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

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