Farewell to 2018.

Ah, 2018. I expected great things from you, but (as this tends to go), got mostly disappointment. Instead of being the year of me shooting up into the stars, you ended up being the year of me cleaning and tying up loose ends. Despite being exhausting though, this isn’t bad in and of itself. Dealing with clutter is a necessity, even when it takes a whole year.

Other than wishing everyone a happy new year (and other holidays), I can’t say much. I had temporarily paused working on the next-next book in order to fine tune the outline, and will likely resume writing within a couple days. Brotherhood of the Worm is still in editing, so no hassling potential agents yet. Though who knows.

All in all, rest time. Hopefully soon to become full speed writing time.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

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