Bedlam Info And Release Date

Bedlam has survived the editing process. I only need to re-read it fully, and that will be it. It should be available for sale by December the 1st.

In other news, I have successfully ridden the waves of rage and frustration, and transcended my former humanity. For now, my only proof of this is the outline for my next book/series. When I finally get down to writing it, it will be inhumanly good.

I am still reading Republic of Thieves. It’s still great. Sabetha should still be dipped in acid. Why no one does it in the book is a mystery to me.

I’m off. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller


Future Plans

I am now 99% certain that my next series will be in the Fantasy genre. Well, the Nameless Chronicle is technically fantasy, but my next work will ditch the urban post-apocalyptic setting in favor of something more “out there.” I’m working out some outlines and details right now. It’s a bit of a cliche to say at this point, but for the moment, I like what I see.

I should also start writing the next Azure Flame thing, but the prospect of starting something genuinely new is my dominant driving force for now. Don’t worry, I will get to work soon. No work of mine will go unfinished.

As for other things, there isn’t much to say. I have successfully re-introduced discipline into my life, and my mind and body are back on way to functioning like parts of a well-oiled machine. As it should be.

Now all I need to do is figure out what I want  to work on.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Bedlam is Being Edited

As the title says. Nothing fancy, just a heads up. It should be ready for release somewhere around early December.

Yeah, about my previous post, I am currently leaning toward NOT merging Risen and Ascent. I did get approved for some promos I thought wouldn’t take me before, so for now I won’t touch what doesn’t seem to be broken. If the books become hard to market again, I will of course consider the option again.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Bedlam Update and Future Plans

Even though I’m struggling to re-impose my usual spartan discipline, Bedlam is still moving forward. 50k by this point. I’ve cleared up large chunks of my schedule, so I’ll be able to pick up even more speed in the upcoming days.

Barring any major distortions, I hope to have the initial draft done within a week. Maybe ten days or so.

In other news, I am seriously considering restructuring the series. Nothing major, I would just have Ascent swallow up Risen, which would then become the first whole of this new, composite First Book of the Nameless Chronicle. There’s a simple and rational reason for this: novellas are difficult to promote. So I’ve been purposely gimping myself this whole time. I will think about it after the series is done.

I’ve been getting questions about the lack of rants in my recent posts. This is intentional. Any insanity I produce is better used in my books. Unless I really feel like spewing something major, I will try to keep it civil.

Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Random Update

So now we have two Azure Flames, and the third one is being made. No idea on when it’ll be done.

As for Bedlam, it’s currently sitting at about 42k words. I’m writing it at a steady pace, with no real bursts. For now, it works. I still expect it to end up shorter than Ascent, but there’s no way to be sure until it’s done.

After I send Bedlam to my editor, I will most likely write the conclusive part of the Azure Flame series. This seems to be the year of endings.

When that is all done (and after I publish Bedlam) I will most likely take a break of sorts. To help clear my head and prepare for the next great battle. At the start of 2018. I must hit the ground running.

That’s it for now. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller

Updates And More Fan Art

I have failed to contain my social life and it has consumed most of last week. I did write something, but I am still behind schedule.

Azure Flame: Zenith is finally being put into digital form, so that’s nice.

Not much else to say, really. There’s this nice little piece of fan art (by SadicStar of course) that can best be described as “Steampunk Gender-flipped Nameless.” Have a look:

steampunk, goth girl, nameless chronicle, corset, shotgun, green eyes, black hair, trench coat, platforms

Implications unpleasant.

That’s it for today. Stay awesome.
M. T. Miller