A Quick (But Relevant) update

There’s been a change of plans.

Last time I said I was going to go back and revise what I’ve written before continuing to the end. I instead did the opposite. I actually got into the zone again and just kept writing. Now I plan on riding this out for as long as possible. The time for revisions will come after I crash. Which may happen at any time.

As for the book’s release, my current plan of action goes kind of like this:

-Finish the book and have it edited
-Try submitting it to agents for maybe six months
-Work on my next release (most probably a continuation to what I am making now) during this time
-If I somehow succeed at traditional publishing, my path becomes clear
-If not, then I simply release the book as I did before. If my next work ends up finished by then, perhaps I fire them both, back to back. We’ll see.

All of this is of course subject to change, but it seems like a solid set of guidelines for now. Time will tell if it ends up being viable.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller


Time to Revise

Quick update time.

My next manuscript is at about 65k words. Much more to go. Now I need to go back, re-read it, and make tweaks before I go any further in. While I would have liked to push it to the limit on my first run, I must remind myself that I am not pressed for time here. I am making something new, and it must be as good as possible so it can attract people who wouldn’t have liked the Nameless Chronicle.

So for the next few weeks, maybe a month, I will re-familiarize myself with my notes, my plans, and what I’ve done by this point. I will iron out the unfinished manuscript, accentuate any important points I may have missed, and make certain that it is as solid as it can be. And after all that is done, I will be ready to sprint toward the finish line.

That’s about it for now.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

Something Like an Update

So I’ve been writing and I’ve been (Ugh) socializing.

I’m about 50k words into my next book, and I’ll admit that I’ve been frolicking about and wasting much more time than I’d like to. This is of course unforgivable, and I’d give myself the death penalty if it wouldn’t render me unable to write.

I am still considering all options for its release. A lot to think about, but it all comes down to one basic thing: how much potential for long term success it gives me. Something may seem like a good option now, but it may suck, or be flat out unavailable within a couple months.

I don’t know. But when the time comes, I will pick what I perceive as best. The way I always do.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

I am Now 100% Out of KU

For the time being, at least.

No more KENP charity. If I succeed, I succeed. If I fail, at least I fail as a writer’s equivalent of a call girl. Not a streetwalker.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

4/5/18 Progress Report

I am some 30k into my next book, which is low. I think it’ll be really, really good, but time will tell how correct I am in that assessment. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I’m not sure if I should (after it is done, edited, and whatnot) just fire it out, or try and maaaaaybe submit it to a couple agents first. Maybe shoot for a big publisher? If I choose to attempt this route, it may significantly delay the release date, especially if I somehow succeed in selling it. The jury is still out on that.

“A publisher?” I hear you ask. “In the age of self-publishing?” Well, yeah. In this oversaturated market, the prestige that comes with getting published by one of the big five is no small thing. Not to attempt it now, when I am starting something new, would be foolish.

That’s still just a thought for now, mind you. I may even apply for Kindle Scout, which is about the only way I would ever be willing to put my work into KU again. Scout pays nicely, and the boost it gives new releases is all but unfair. Combined with my back catalogue, it would all add up significantly.

Just some musing on my part.

Stay brutal.
M. T Miller

Ascent Is Now Wide!

Ascent is now getting published on Kobo, B&N, and iTunes. ‘Chemistry will follow soon, then Strife as soon as it’s out of KU. Then Bedlam.

I may go back someday if things change for the better, but I doubt it. KU is something that will inevitably crash and burn. I don’t see why I should be on the plane when it happens.

Nothing new to report. Writing, and very slowly at that.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller

Leaving KU?

Big news. Well, not really. But yes.

In a couple months I’ll most likely be killing my Amazon exclusivity and expanding to Kobo, B&N, iTunes etc.

Why? Because it seems like the only sane thing to do.

Look at KU like this: it gives you some extra cash in exchange for willingly giving up on a part of the market. In theory this is fine. But the more you stay in the program, the more you have to rely on it. And the piece of market you’ve neglected keeps growing. So in the long run you find yourself not only gimped, but also strapped to Amazon’s back.

And then Amazon starts skimping out on the rations. KENP payments (to the uninitiated, this means payment per read page of a book rented through subscription) can go down, and the writers will stay trapped. It’s basic economics. No reason for them not to do it.

This isn’t news to me. I knew what I was getting into when I enrolled, and I chose to stay in the system because I needed the extra dime. But now it’s no longer about squeezing out what little I can. It’s about reach and not being tethered to a flawed and unsustainable system.

So there you have it. I apologize to those of you used to reading me through your subscriptions. I guess you’ll have to buy me. Sorry, but I have to eat.

For now I’ll just leave my books in and wait for their individual enrollments to expire. Then I can move along with spreading like a tumor. I must drown out everything and everyone else.

Stay brutal.
M. T. Miller